lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Misantropus live 21/1/2012 - release party

Sabato 21 gennaio i Misantropus presenteranno il nuovo CD (info) con un release party al Dal Verme - Roma (Pigneto), via Luchino Dal Verme 8. Questa la locandina:

Inizio concerto: ore 22 circa.
Ingresso con tessera Arci: 3 €. Senza tessera: 10 € (7 € per la tessera + 3 € di ingresso). 

Sarà tra l'altro possibile acquistare le altre uscite di Doomymood. Vi aspetto per un saluto.

In doom, Pio.

martedì 3 gennaio 2012

Focus Indulgens - Hic Sunt Leones lyrics in english

This is for Focus Indulgens fans which don't speak Italian. As the band decided to record the new album in its first language, guitar player Federico Rocchi has translated the lyrics in English and now you can download them at this link.
The file contains a PDF with just the lyrics plus the booklet with translated lyrics and notes, so you can print the former and store the latter on your hard drive. Besides, you can make an idea how the booklet looks like should you decide to buy the CD.

For information and booking please contact band or label: 

pio AT doomymood DOT net 

Thanks for your support.

In doom, Pio.